Flightscope lessons

Improve your driving - hit it longer and straighter

1 hour £60

Using the flightscope launch monitor compare your driver data to the best players in the game. Find out your optimum setting for the driver and if you can increase your distance and accuracy by looking at your angle of attack, clubface position and club path at impact, launch angle and spin rates.


Club Gapping 

1 hour £60

Help save shots from your game by finding out your carry distance for all the clubs in your bag. Improve your accuracy and confidence by knowing how far you hit every club and take the guess work out of your game.

Email or print out of rsults included


Golf Lesson (Learn by seeing and feeling)

1 hour £60

Get a feel for a draw, fade, straight, high or low shot by working with Shaun and tuning into how your body and clubface feels on certain swings. Over time you can develop the sensation of how the body and clubface position feels and learn to play natural golf controling the shape of the ball.



Wedge Control

1 hour £60

Improve your accuracy with your wedges. Identify your yardage for 1/2 3/4 and full swings with your different wedges. Also improve your feel by guessing how far you hit your shot and overtime you develop a great awarness of swing lenght and distance control

If you want any other info relating to any of these lessons please contact Shaun on 07737299331 or book online