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If you would like to play better golf, enjoy the game more, lower your handicap, become the best you can be or even if you are new to the game, Shaun can help you improve and learn.

My goal is to make you play better by helping you understand your game better, your strengths and weaknesses on the course, your swing faults and why they occur and keep re-occurring and mental mistakes that are holding your game back. 

This is done in the simplest way possible using the latest technology including use of flightscope, V1 video analysis, TPI physical screening, mental techniques and a number of training aids so you can see and feel key positions in your swing. 

      Get more consistent

      Get more power and distance

                Improve your mobility

                         Prevent injury

      Think better on the course

Learn faster and retain new skills for longer




Contact Shaun to arrange a consultation and develop a personalised program that will help you play better golf.

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