Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

Albert Einstein

At shaundevenneygolf we can help you get the most from your game by helping you to understand and learn what your mind should and shouldn't be thinking about before, during and after your shot. Shaun has been fortunate to speak with and learn from some of the best mental coaches in the game. Shaun is a certified mind factor coach gaining certification from Dr Karl Morris who has worked with over 40 PGA tour golfers. He is also currently completing a sports psychology course with Dr Brian Hemmings, another leading golf psychologist. The question I can hear you ask yourself is How can this help my game? Well, let's look at how their knowledge has impacted on the thinking of the best players in the game.

In almost 7 years of work together we covered many areas in my mental game and many of the things worked on were used in the Open at Royal Birkdale to be able to picture myself on the 1st tee in my first major, probably the hardest shot I have ever had to hit mentally. It turned out to be one of my best of the tournament!

Chris Wood European tour professional

The processes which we have built proved to be so effective under pressure in Madeira. Since working with Karl, I have become more aware about the importance of a good routine for every shot and I have learned to accept the inevitable bad breaks that golf can deliver. As a result, I have become less emotional and more rational on the course. This has helped even me out. I look forward to continuing working on my mental game which is just as, if not more, important than the physical game.

Michael Hoey, 2011 Dunhill Links Champion

Shaun can help you change the way you think on the course by incorporating their methods into your game. Here are some of the areas that Shaun can help you with:

Goal setting & motivation

What does commitment really mean?

We know negative thinking doesn't work but understand why positive thinking doesn't work either.

Learn to embrace the power of neutral thinking

How to practice properly and help take your practice game onto the golf course

Why do you feel nervous on the course and how to control your nerves?

How to deal with poor shots and poor performance

Improve your concentration after all it maybe only is for 20 minutes during your 4 hour round.

Learn the secret behind a good pre shot routine and how it has helped the best to perform better.

If you would like to discuss any of these ideas or want help in improving your mind contact Shaun and change the way you think today, tomorrow and in the future.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used that created them

Albert Einstein